Need words? I got ’em. If you think you might be interested in hiring me to write something for you, let me know. Your contact information will never be shared.

I also do ghostwriting and work for hire under the name of your choice.

I’m first and foremost a writer. Right now I’m also available to accept a very limited number of editing assignments. .

For reasons of basic online safety, if I don’t know who you are and you send me a manuscript or an attachment, your email will be discarded unread. I might not even see it, since our friends at Google have gotten pretty aggressive at blocking that stuff. So let’s get to know each other first, right?

One final note: As a long-time professional writer, I don’t write for clips or exposure. And I don’t accept assignments where the compensation is based on chasing you down later for royalties or so-called revenue sharing. Thanks for understanding.

I had to remove the contact form because I was being pelted by garbage contacts. Sorry about that. You can easily direct message me at Twitter
or else you can email justanotherpeachfront [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re read this far and you’re not a bot. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.