My current ongoing SF project is the Passages In The Void blog which features the big picture science fiction of The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect cult writer Roger Williams, also known as localroger.

I’ve also done the re-edit and formatting for the The Mortal Passage Trilogy: An Epic in Four Stories”. This Roger Williams galaxy-spanning collection is for fans of authors about big ideas in a big universe like Isaac Asimov or Olaf Stapledon.

I posted some time ago that I was going to collect and publish my science fictio previously posted in Amazing Stories, Night Cry, and Aboriginal SF, among others but… well… I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Send bribes, and I may pump the project higher on the ever-growing to-do list.

My greatest hit, “Ender and Hitler: Sympathy for the Superman,” went viral before viruses were invented. The original publisher is long out of business, and some people have mirrored it over the years, but eventually Google cracked down and the unauthorized mirrors have been removed. So I had to get off my duff and post it myself.

I’m aware that the piece is controversial, and you’re more than welcome to disagree. However, if you do like it and want to kick a donation my way, I won’t say no. Also please ASK me before you reprint it. This piece isn’t public domain. So just ask about reprint rights. Even if you have a nonprofit site, you need to ask so I can authorize it since I am still the copyright holder. I have not asked Google to close down ANYONE’s site ever, but it’s my understanding that someone else (and I think we all have a logical guess who) has had sites taken down before for unauthorized posting.

If you want to reprint the piece in a physical “dead tree” book or periodical, then contact me for the very reasonable reprint rights. I can only sell you the right to reprint my side of the story. I can’t give you permission to reprint the rebuttal.